Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What are you all about?

In the last few weeks, thanks to the support of local people, this campaign has attracted lots of attention and opinion. In turn, our local MSPs have been talking to RI about the possibilities for the future of the sheds, representing the views and comments the community have made. This week, the Chief Executive and Operations Manager of Riverside Inverclyde have also agreed to talk to members of the group about the suggestions that have been made and the possibility of further community use of the space. We were also really pleased this week to read this piece in The Scotsman, from Joan McAlpine MSP.

Brilliant. And thank you.

As things have continued to move on, we felt it was important to be clear about what we hope to achieve with this campaign. What we might all hope to achieve with the building itself is really the next step...

To explore an alternative development strategy for regeneration of the Sugar Sheds in order to provide the maximum community benefit for the people of Inverclyde.

1. To work collaboratively with Riverside Inverclyde and all key stakeholders- including the local community- to explore alternative uses for the Sugar Sheds beyond the current outline planning permission.

2. To establish a genuinely representative and meaningful way for the local community to be involved in the discussions and planning of the buildings future use – not simply the opportunity to comment on drawings and plans.

3. To secure permission  for a number of community events to be undertaken within the sheds over the medium term to help test the case for longer term community use and also to build on the Tall Ships momentum to continue to positively market the buildings potential.

4. To work collaboratively to prepare an alternative business case for sustainable community use of the building

5. To explore different funding and ownership models for regenerating the Sugar Sheds in the longer term in order to provide the maximum community benefit for the people of Inverclyde,

Naturally, we would hope to see a genuine commitment to exploring these objectives from Riverside Inverclyde, James Watt Dock LLP and our locally elected representatives, particularly those directly involved with RI.

So, thank you very much for your support, interest and suggestions so far, please keep sharing the facebook page and signing the petition. This will be a long haul. I hope you'll stick with us. There's plenty more to come.

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