Monday, 1 August 2011

Guest Blogger - Saltire Sounds / Events Online Live

We've invited a number of people who are supporting or involved with the campaign to write pieces for the blog about their own ideas, experiences and suggestions. Far and away the most popular suggestion for the sheds is as a space for gigs, something that even a mixed use development could still do effectively, with event use throughout the week and performances at the weekend. Lorraine Smith from Saltire Sounds explain a little about their ethos and Events Live reminds us why the sheds are an excellent performance venue...

We set up Saltire Sounds to establish a platform for aspiring Scots musicians to promote their music and get heard , and seen. 20-25 years ago we had rich musical culture in Scotland with bands like Simple Minds, Hue & Cry . Fairground Attraction, Deacon Blue and list goes on. We have a real passion for music, especially homegrown and would like in some small way to be able to be instrumental (pardon pun) in helping to revive the richness that bubbles under Scottish Industrial surface and regain our cultural presence in UK , the World even. 

Scotland at the moment is renowned for its tourism but the world forgets how much its music has shaped the charts and beyond. We feel that the time is right, with the run up to the Commonwealth Games to regrow music platforms here and pump some well needed spirit , energy and economic growth back into our country. 

Music comes from the soul, and like water and air is free to use, but for what it costs to support, it rewards us back not just into the pockets with gigs, festivals and even a Brits style awards (Saltires?) but with the same unflinching sense of patriotic pride that has been stripped from Scotland with recession , downturn in Industry and the likes. 

We feel using the uniqueness of The Sugar Sheds could be an excellent way to help make this happen. At The Tall Ships some of Scotland’s best Unsigned Acts to showcased their impressive talent. Over the weekend, Events Live Online, ran live streaming of the performances in The Sugar Sheds, you can check them out below just to remind yourself what a top notch venue it is for music. Events Online stream all sorts of events, including weddings...another popular choice for the sheds!

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