Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mr Cube Strikes - A Sugar Sheds Snack

Inspired by the work of the Absent Voices project, looking at the history of the Sugar Sheds and the associated industry to create new artwork, Magic Torch have produced a very short comic strip featuring former Tate n Lyle stalwart, Mr Cube. You can see him below exploring his own feelings on the sheds before hooking up with what we are very confident is Inverclyde's First Superhero Team (full spinoff story coming soon!). Above, he is in more terrifying form on the cover of a Tales of the Oak comic. All courtesy of Andy Lee. If you are of a mind to support your local folklorists, you can help support our future projects by purchasing a special digital version of Tales of the Oak from Comixology.

While the Sugar Sheds campaign is no longer a focus for Magic Torch, it looks like it may be a busy year ahead for the Sheds, with new parking, the continuing Absent Voices project and also White Gold, a performance which will be staged at the sheds during the Commonwealth Games. Sweet.

It's almost as if, maybe using the space for arts, heritage and community events longer term wasn't a bad idea after all... ;-)