Thursday, 18 July 2013

2014 Commonwealth Games / Keep Corlick WIld

It has been announced that an amazing aerial performance will be staged at Greenock's Sugar Sheds as part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Cultural Celebrations, perhaps further proof of its potential as a venue.

"White Gold will offer audiences a site specific, promenade performance experience.  A spokesperson for the project said: “Brought to the sugar sheds for storing, sifting, refining and finally presenting, White Gold is woven together from vivid and touching narratives gathered from across the nation."

You can read more about this performance and other 2014 Cultural Events here. Sounds really interesting.

While not directly related to the Sugar Sheds, there's some information below on a new local campaign and public event to discuss the proposed windfarm development.

There are many differing viewpoints on the proposal - will it create local jobs? If so, isn't that a good thing? Well, we've already seen this week how one local development agency has failed to make those sorts of jobs materialise; with so much red tape, procurement law and fiery hoops it's never as straightforward as is proposed.

People are often very cynical, assuming that decisions have already been made and deals done - to be absolutely honest, I've yet to make my mind up about the windfarm. However I appreciate that Keep Corlick Wild are at least trying to have a conversation - something which doesn't always happen, "consultation" on such developments is often undertaken on the developers terms, this at least takes an element of the discussion back into the public arena. So regardless of your view, you should go along - at the very worst, if this development goes ahead, a local pressure group could be instrumental in ensuring the promised community benefit materialises - surely something we can all agree on regardless of how we feel about the development.

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