Monday, 25 July 2011

A Celebration Ode

A wee reminder about our online "battle of the bands". We're looking for local bands to interpret and record Greenock's "A Celebration Ode", first written to commemorate the inauguration of the James Watt Dock and the laying of the Greenock Town Hall foundation stone. The lyrics are here.

6th August 2011, will be the 130th anniversary of this momentous event. We feel the song really captures an upbeat and forward thinking Greenock, looking to the future, daring to think big.

For the anniversary we want as many re-recordings and interpretations as possible from local bands and performers. Ska, rock, folk, pop, dance, spoken word, interpretive dance...we want to see as wide a range as possible. Then, send us what you have from shaky uploaded youtube phone footage to nicely mixed garageband mp3s...we'll listen to them all and get the best ones up on the blog, the facebook page, soundcloud and our youtube channel.

You have just under a fortnight, The White Stripes recorded their classic number one album "Elephant" in around the same time. Go for it.

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